About Us - Riyaaz Music Shop.

Established in 2020, Riyaaz Music Shop was born out of a need for access to consistently high quality indian musical instruments.

We have our own workshop in India where most of our instruments are meticulously handcrafted by master instrument makers. In some cases, Riyaaz sources specialty instruments directly from instrument makers on the subcontinent who meet our specific quality standards.

At Riyaaz we inspect all of our instruments to ensure that they are worthy of the investment of your time, money and effort. Whether you are just starting your journey in Carnatic, Hindustani or other South Asian instrumental music or are a committed professional, we have an instrument to suit your practice and performance needs.

If an instrument is not up to our high standards, it doesn’t make it into the shop. You might be able to source Indian instruments elsewhere, but you’ll have no idea what compromises were made to the materials or craftsmanship along with the heavy risks involved in shipping these delicate and sensitive instruments overseas. At Riyaaz we work directly with reputable instrument makers, not middlemen, to ensure we are supporting the artisans who handcraft instruments of the highest quality.”

At Riyaaz we want you to find the right instrument that will provide you with a sweet sound, and an amazing touch. Nothing feels better than an instrument that feels like it was made just for your hands. When you visit our showroom you won’t be left to wander the shop alone. We personally invest time in each customer. You can try our instruments, ask questions and customize your order. At Riyaaz we put the musician first because our customers are like our family and we are committed to helping you find an instrument you will enjoy playing for years to come. If you order online, we will work to match you with an instrument that will suit your interests and skill level. We can ship anywhere in the world!